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After scraping by in college for a few semesters, I realized that I didn't want to simply "get through" college, I wanted to use my higher education to create a career that I would love forever. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a major at my university that would help me to get the kind of job that I wanted. I wanted to work with my hands, meet new people every day, and get outside occasionally. Fortunately, a friend of mine suggested trade school, which is why I decided to take a second look. I enrolled at a local trade school, and the incredible teachers there taught me everything that I needed to know to get a real job that I loved. Check out this blog to learn the benefits of trade school.


Automotive Repair Certification: Common Faqs

30 June 2019
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From slipping transmissions to bad brakes, you will learn all kinds of things in automotive repair trade programs when you are working to become a certified auto-tech or mechanic. If you have considered this educational path for your own life, you probably have some questions about the career field in general. Take a peek at some of the things prospective students often wonder about automotive repair professionals and the answers you may want to know. Read More …