Things You Will Learn Through A Dental Assistant Program

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Things You Will Learn Through A Dental Assistant Program

16 March 2022
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If you have thought about going into a dental assistant program, but have been holding back because you are not sure what all you will learn, you will want to read through the information found here. There are a wide variety of things that will be taught at a dental assistant school, such as the following.

Oral Anatomy 

One of the first things your teacher will focus on will be the oral anatomy of human beings. It is vital that you are well versed in the oral and facial anatomy of humans so you will be able to easily spot abnormalities. This is also when dental assistant students will learn about occlusion, anesthesia, and mastication.

Dental Equipment

There are going to be a lot of different pieces of dental equipment that you will come into contact with when you are on the job. You are going to learn much more than the names of the equipment. You will also learn about the materials used in the making of them, as well as how they are used, and how to clean and dispose of them as needed.

Radiography Skills 

As a dental assistant, you will find that you will be in charge of positioning people so the best possible x-rays can be taken. There will be several positions that need to be learned in order to ensure that the dentist will have images from all of the requested angles. Many instructors will also make sure that the dental assistant students will be able to spot signs of an x-ray image being unusable to the dentist. This way, they will know to discard those ones and to take some additional ones.

Going To Clinicals

When you get so far into the dental assistant program, you will have the chance to go work for the day in dental offices. You might even be sent to some schools or nursing homes that have scheduled cleanings and checkups for everyone that wants to participate. This hands-on experience will help make sure that you are ready for the workforce in the near future.

You will want to start checking out the various dental assistant programs in your area. Find out who has room in their upcoming programs and discover if you meet all of the qualifications to have a seat in the classroom reserved for you. The admissions department with schedule an appointment to meet with you in person to get everything started. 

For more information, contact a dental assistant academy near you.