Automotive Repair Certification: Common Faqs

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Automotive Repair Certification: Common Faqs

30 June 2019
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From slipping transmissions to bad brakes, you will learn all kinds of things in automotive repair trade programs when you are working to become a certified auto-tech or mechanic. If you have considered this educational path for your own life, you probably have some questions about the career field in general. Take a peek at some of the things prospective students often wonder about automotive repair professionals and the answers you may want to know. 

Are automotive repair professionals in high demand?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected job growth of automotive repair technicians and mechanics for the time period between 2014 and 2024 is about 6 percent. These jobs do tend to be in high demand no matter where in the country you live. People will probably own vehicles for many years to come and these vehicles will always need service at certain points, so it would be unlikely to gain your certification and not be able to find a job position. The more training you have, of course, the more likely it will be that you can find a job position. 

Is it a good idea to specialize in certain types of repairs?

Some mechanics do specialize in certain types of automotive repairs once they obtain their automotive repair certifications in trade programs. For instance, a mechanic may primarily specialize in transmission repair, repairs for electrical cars, complete engine rebuilds, or even repairs for luxury vehicles. It is possible to seek special training during your trade program in the form of in-person apprenticeship programs with other mechanics to gain these areas of extra, specialized knowledge. The extra specialization will not change your industry knowledge that can be used to serve most customers, so the specialty can be the added plus that makes you even more sought after. 

How much money do most mechanics make?

In 2018, the median yearly income for a mechanic was $40,710 per year, which is roughly $19.57 per hour. Of course, mechanics who specialize in certain things may make more money annually because they have something special to offer that other professionals may not. Likewise, those who do become certified and open their own shops often make more money annually than those who find employment as an hourly mechanic in a shop. If you live in an area where mechanics are in high demand, you may also see a more attractive salary. 

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